A new site: Reaktor.com

Reaktor is a creative technology house that constructs exceptional digital services. As a part of the companys brand renewal we helped Reaktor to design and build a new website.

One of the main objectives for the new site was to communicate Reaktor’s unique expertise and culture rather by showing than telling. We chose to use concrete and visual examples of the companys know-how and to convey Reaktor’s relaxed atmosphere with authentic documentary style photos and videos.

From the maintenance point of view we strived to find a WordPress solution that would cover various different layout needs and thus virtually eliminate the need for any customizing in the future.

The project has been executed in an agile way by building new content step by step on top of the existing website. New work have been published as often as possible and also developed further after the initial release. Instead of a traditional website project with one big release the idea was to build a site thats constantly evolving.

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