Flow Festival

Flow Festival is an annual music and urban culture festival in Helsinki. Organized since 2004, Flow has been a breath of fresh air for the Finnish festival scene and also has raised wide international attention.

In 2010 we were asked to redesign the Flow Festival web site. The festival organization was naturally looking for something on a par with the worlds best festival sites, but even more importantly something that would reflect the festivals unique atmosphere and open-minded attitude.

We started working on the project in close co-operation with designers from TSTO, who were at the same time designing a new visual brand identity for the festival.


We needed to create a distinguishable digital experience as refreshing as the festival itself, but we also had some more specified goals. Firstly we needed to sell more tickets and secondly we wanted to exploit the full potential of social media, both as a traffic source and a means of communicating with the crowd. Naturally we also wanted to make the site easily maintained and reusable for the following festival years.


We designed a responsive patchwork-style lay-out, that manifested the key idea of the new visual identity in a digital way. The site was also designed to dynamically scale to fit all resolutions and terminals. The yearly visual redesigns were designed to be easily executed by simply editing styles and replacing illustrations.

We wanted to find a technical solution that would be as cost effective as possible. By building the site on WordPress platform and making use of several suitable existing plugins we kept the development time reasonable.

Social media channels were integrated as vital components of the site. In addition to sharing, commenting, feed and activity features we created a tool for creating and sharing own personalized festival calendars.


  • The site visits almost doubled without increasing the marketing budjet
  • Tickets were sold out in a record time
  • Traffic from Facebook increased by 169 %
  • The site was widely noticed in global web design community

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