Brand new

Renewed was first put together in 2011. The site has since seen one big update and now was time for version “3.0”. The team has largely remained intact, and as before, the new version was built in tight collaboration with SEK & Grey and the great people at VisitFinland.

In April 2013 the site was visited 18 120 times via mobile device. A year later the number was 310 404, so everyone was at one that mobile first approach should be taken.

For the desktop users the 1.0 version was optimized at 1024×768 resolution, but in three years a lot has changed and now many users have full HD resolution. We wanted to serve all users with best possible visual experience and this meant we need to be serving large, high quality images throughout the site, no matter what your device or screen size is.

Since the launch WordPress has served as the CMS and has proven to be reliable tool for the large group of content managers. As before, we load media files from Amazon Content Delivery Network to cut the loading times in the far away places. Videos are shown in HTML5 to ensure good user experience with mobile devices.

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